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This project is entirely developed and maintained by volunteers. If you are concerned about the loss of privacy, rampant surveillance capitalism, micro-targeting and misinformation and the addictive nature of digital services then you can help:

Help us improve our database

Help us track the trackers by submiting new data brokers to our database or updating existing entries.

Report a Problem

If you experience problems with this site you can report them in the issue tracker, or via email.

Help with Development

Our repositories are hosted on GitHub, with the main one being for this website. The best way to start is to get in touch via email. We will then add you to our slack channel and share ongoing development efforts. Alternatively, feel free to clone the repository and submit pull requests.

Help with research

We are always looking for better ways to promote Digital Rights and make them more accessible. Whether it's to better understand how people use technology or how organizations abuse it, there are always research projects going on. Please email us if you'd like to get involved.


While we cannot afford to pay you for your work, we are more than happy to give you credit for your contributions, whether it's on this website, on github, or in other ways.

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We need your support was created because we believe that data brokers are the worst offenders against online privacy. Your donations allow us to fight back.

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