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Our mission

DataBrokersWatch.org was created in order to map the data broker ecosystem. We believe that Data Brokers are a key enabler of the growing loss of privacy, rampant surveillance capitalism, micro-targeting and misinformation, and the addictive nature of digital experiences.

This is a free service intended to serve the wider community. We are not a business and do not have a business model. This service is Open Source.

Who we are

DataBrokersWatch.org is a production of Conscious Digital, a registered charity creating people centred digital initiatives promoting and advancing Digital Human Rights.


This project is self funded by it’s creators, and with the help of your donations (so please donate bellow!).


We thank the following organizations for supporting our open source effort by providing a free or discounted version of their services:

Innocraft - for providing a hosted version of Matomo (Piwik), the open source and privacy minded web analytics platform.

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We need your support

DataBrokersWatch.org was created because we believe that data brokers are the worst offenders against online privacy. Your donations allow us to fight back.

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